DUMBBELL PROGRAM: This program has been designed to be followed for 12 weeks and then repeat to create a 24 week program.


Beginners start with light and medium dumbbells : 2kg – 5kg / 4.5lbs – 11lbs

You will also need a resistance band – Strength = Light  Loop band or long theraband will work

As you go through this program increase your weights as and when you can as you get stronger.


  • Repeat Your Chosen Workout For 3 – 5 Days With 2 – 4 Rest Days Before Moving On 


  • You can follow these programs as a challenge where both meal plans and mindset elements are provided.  You will find under the ‘Challenges’ Button on the menu bar of the website or lower buttons on the App

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

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