Welcome To the Beginning Of Your Fitness Journey

You Have The Ability To Change Your Life One Short Day At A Time


I will help you make positive, permanent and sustainable changes that will enhance your body, mind and lifestyle.  You don’t need to spend hours working out and you don’t need to be an expert in the gym.


For me, the most important thing about exercise is the ability to help you feel better, I believe it can turn a bad day into a good one, a dark day into a bright one and a sad day into a happy day.


When we tune into our bodies, to understand that movement nourishes our body and our minds then suddenly things change.  How you begin to appreciate your body for what it can do more than for what it looks like.


It is important that you set yourself up for success.  Please take some time before kick off to familiarise yourself with the program and if you have any questions at all please contact support@pepperhustleondemand.com or use the accountability group “The Pepper Hustlers”  to shout out your question and it will be answered.  No query is too small or too big, that is why these support mechanisms are in place.  To ensure your comfort and success on this program.


The most important element is consistency, a little bit every day leads to magnificent results overall.


Following the 6 week plan laid out below will bring you to a point, once complete that you will be free to confidently browse and create your own training plan from the library of workouts provided within the Pepper Hustle Platform.


It Is Really Important That You Take The Time To Read all Of The Information Provided


You will see below 6 separate training weeks.  One workout per week of your Embark: Beginners Fitness Program.


Your EMBARK 6 week plan has been developed specifically with beginners in mind.  It will help you develop your fitness at a steady pace and help you become noticeably stronger and more confident with each passing day.


Within this segment you will find everything you need to support you throughout the course of your first 6 weeks of training with Pepper Hustle.


The Fitness Classes are your pre recorded fitness class, in this you can hit play and follow in real time as we work our bodies and grow from strength to strength.  You can hit pause and play any time you need to take a breather which is the beauty of having it all at your finger tips!


  1. You Choose A Time That Suits You, Morning Mid Afternoon or Evening. It has to be a time that suits you and doesn’t stress you.
    • In addition to this you will do 1 x 20 minute walk each day.
  2. You will perform this workout for 5 days of the 7, for example Monday – Friday with Saturday and Sunday being your rest days.  I recommend that you do gentle exercise like walking or yoga on your rest days.


Why Do You Repeat The Workout For 5 Days?


Throughout the course of the week you will monitor your progress through your performance.


Repeating one workout for 5 days allows your muscles to grow and strengthen with repetition.  With familiarity comes confidence and improved technique and ability.


Every day you will become more familiar, more confident and stronger in your workout and may find your time decrease towards the end of the week or your stamina increase. This may mean you perform better on your finisher or feel stronger on your strength exercises.


This is a healthy measurable, not the scales.




It is really important that you prioritise form and technique over speed.  Don’t ever be afraid to go a little slower for the first few reps if it makes you more comfortable in the movement.


You will see the target area for each exercise, concentrate on activating these muscle groups when performing your reps.


Measuring Progress: TAKE PHOTOS!!


I always recommend that as you pass through this process you take photos.  You don’t have to do anything with them but when you have photos it is one of the most effective ways to track your progress.  This will show you what progress you are making when you feel you aren’t making any.


A Few Tips:


  • Pressure is not something you should welcome into your routine.
  • This is a space and a time for you, set yourself up to begin your workouts free from stress and distraction.
  • Do not compare yourself to others, EVER.
  • Give 100% effort in all your workouts, whatever that 100% looks like on a given day.
  • Immerse yourself and think about how your body is moving.  The mind to muscle connection is one of the most underrated progress enhancers in training.  Think and connect with each muscle as it performs each exercise.
  • Believe in yourself.  Each day you will get stronger and achieve more.  All you have to do is believe.

Your Daily Check List:

This will help keep you accountable to your daily deliverables and ensure you are as successful as possible over your 6 week program.


  • Print off your daily check list each week for weeks 1 – 6
  • Fill it in as you go throughout your day achieving your goals

What Is A PHIT (Pepper Hustle Interval Training) Workout?


Our Pepper Hustle Interval Workouts are workouts that have been developed to deliver results.

PHIT will consist of taking each exercise, performing for 40 seconds ‘on’ followed by 20 seconds ‘off’ before starting the next exercise in the series.

The workout will flow through each of the individual exercise, once the first round is complete we head back to the start and repeat for 2 more rounds.

Recap:  40 seconds ON + 20 seconds OFF x 3 rounds.


This format is suitable for all levels as you work to your own ability, pushing as hard and as fast as you can, without compromising form but to increase the intensity of the workout.


Your 6 WEEK EMBARK Beginners Fitness Program:


Below you will find your 6 weeks of workouts.

Starting at Week 1 work your way through the program for 6 weeks completing the program with Week 6 workout.







What Happens Next?



You have completed your 6 weeks EMBARK Beginners Fitness Program and now are ready, with confidence, to move forward in your journey.

You can now decide to follow one of our other programs, workout of the week or indeed follow any on demand workout that you have available to you within your Fitness section.  Have a browse, create a plan or follow a plan provided and decide for yourself which sparks most joy!

It would be wonderful to have you join us for workout of the week whilst you decide what you would like to do!

You can find workout of the week here: