My Imperfections

For years I went to the beach and sat in my clothes.  

Sweating uncomfortably but too afraid to strip down for fear of what others thought of my body.  Too afraid to expose what I saw as my imperfections.

My Imperfections

These “perceived” imperfections prevented me from having fun with my kids.  

My imperfections fed my self-doubt and side-lined me in my own life as I watched my husband splash around in the water with our family.

I allowed these imperfections be stronger than my desire to do something I really wanted to do.  

But, sadly, due to lack of body confidence, I couldn’t do anything other than silently cry inside and belittle myself whilst outwardly cheering from my deck chair. 

The reality is, when we let our imperfections get in the way, we’re cheating ourselves of precious moments and happiness.

When we obsess about how we look, we fuel self-doubt and negativity.

  • thighs are too big
  • belly not flat enough
  • loose skin and stretch marks are unflattering
  • bingo wings are wobbly
  • bum fat is gross 
  • cellulite is unattractive

We are being overly critical and unnecessarily creating negative body issues in our own lives. We are continually feeding this loop of self-disgust and body shame. And it’s having a serious effect on our mental health!


The whole concept of body-image has taken on an over-important priority in our society.  In addition, social media, inadvertently, promotes perfection and comparison.  It often times encourages an unhealthy and obsessive ideal of perfection for women.

Trying to fit the mould of perfection (or should I say perceived perfection) is unattainable. Everyone’s idea of perfection is different.  

And you will deprive yourself of joy and peace trying to achieve this social media dictated state of perfection.

Free yourself from these impossibly high standards of self-perfection

Accept the good with the bad without passing brutal and damaging judgment on yourself all the time.  Realize that no one is perfect – everyone carries some demon, some flaw, some issue within them.

Over the last couple of years I’ve worked hard on accepting myself and learned to love myself.  

What I’ve come to realise is that I am a kind, strong person. My body ENABLES me to live my life openly and fully — loving my family and friends, empowering other women whilst enjoying the beauty of this amazing world around me. 

The physical attributes of my body DO NOT contribute to the quality of the life I’m living.

Being more or less of something than others, a different colour, shape or size — none of these define who you truly are.  

Choose happiness and live in the moment. Do not allow your imperfections get in your way or determine the quality of your life. Most importantly, just be you.

In short, I’m not perfect (more like a continual work-in-progress 😂). But I’m embracing life with the only body I have. It’s flawed but strong, it’s imperfect but beautiful. Ultimately, it’s perfectly imperfect.



Martina Perry

Co-Founder, Pepper Hustle

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