Need A Little Help Getting BACK ON TRACK After The Summer?


No alarm clocks, no morning hustle and the overall summer easy-breezy attitude often translate into late nights, lazy mornings and lots of ice cream!


And while you may not be ready to say goodbye to summer just yet, it is time to trade beer gardens and beach outings for early mornings and routine.


If the summer has taken a toll on your energy levels, your waistline and your routine – don’t panic.  We’ve done the hard work for you and put together our BRAND NEW




BACK ON TRACK has been designed for you to start at the top and work your way down so there’s no guesswork, no stress. All you need to do is follow along.


Are You Ready To Get BACK ON TRACK?


Yes! Join Us On Monday, September 13th 2021





Hi, I’m your trainer Lynne Ward.  To say I sleep, breathe, live fitness is an understatement.  It was what I was born to do.  And I want to help YOU feel the best you’ve ever felt.  My workouts will help you strengthen, tone and re-energise.


Workout anytime, anywhere

Sculpt and tone your body in less than 20 minutes per day

ZERO equipment necessary

Follow along fitness videos for each weekly workout

Hit play at a time that suits you

Beginner workouts provided





Hi, I’m Martina – Pepper Hustle’s nutrition guru.  And I have prepared a feast for you.  The BACK ON TRACK meal plans do not count calories and do not restrict foods.  In fact, it’s not a diet at all.  You will be eating good, simple, tasty food up to 5 times per day.



3 full 21-day meal plans to choose from:

Regular, Vegetarian or Low FODMAP

21 days of healthy, fuss-free recipes for you and your family

Instant shopping lists to support your selected meal plan

325+ simple, delicious recipes to swap in and out of your meal plan

Adjustable portion size with the click of a button to suit your family



Back By Popular Demand:



 Your self-care is paramount.  And this is the perfect time of year to prioritise yourself and your needs.  The revival room will be your daily reminder to love yourself, care for yourself and grow for yourself.  It will also keep you motivated, inspired and excited throughout the program.

Real Women ♥︎ Real Results




Results guaranteed when you follow the plan fully

The fitness testimonials and weight loss results presented here apply only to the individuals. 

Each testimonial is from a real customer who used our programs and/or services.

Before and after photos shown have not altered or retouched. 

No one was paid for a testimonial or endorsement.

Trust The Process.  Do The Work.  Have Patience.


We Get Results!



Join BACK ON TRACK and connect with hundreds of other like-minded, focused women.  Stay motivated and inspired when you join Pepper Hustle On Demand.  You are not doing this alone!  Become strong, healthy, happy and confident with the support of the Pepper Hustle family.

Have A Question?


Read on below to learn more about the BACK ON TRACK 21 Day Challenge  — we’re answering all your questions! Or if you have a question that’s not answered, please email us directly at!

How do I join the BACK ON TRACK challenge?

We have 3 simple sign up options for you.  Pepper Hustle On Demand members get the BACK ON TRACK challenge as part of their membership.  Monthly membership costs €14.99, quarterly €39.99 or annual membership €129.99.  All memberships are HUGELY discounted for this challenge are and are cancelable anytime – no questions asked.

When should I start the BACK ON TRACK challenge?

Start anytime you want! The challenge is 21 days long. We’re kicking off on Monday, September 13th.  All the BACK ON TRACK resources will be available from September 10th and will be waiting for you in the Pepper Hustle On Demand platform whenever you’re ready to start.

How do I follow along with the BACK ON TRACK challenge?

Once you’re signed up as a member, you’ll find all your resources under the BACK ON TRACK tab on Pepper Hustle On Demand. Each week, you’ll receive detailed instructions with the workout plan, follow along videos and a checklist to help keep you on track. This challenge has been designed to give you maximum flexibility – all the workouts are saved to the platform for you to do at a time that suits you.  You can also feel free to mix it up and do one of the other 100s of workouts available on the platform.

Are the workouts beginner friendly?

100% yes!  We have a complete beginners section that allows you to slowly, consistently and confidently build your progress.  Our aim for you is to feel empowered and supported, not overwhelmed with challenging and difficult workouts that you can’t complete.  We will meet you exactly where you’re at, as you are and build from there!

Will I need equipment to complete the BACK ON TRACK challenge?

Zero equipment necessary to get started!  We have so many workouts for you that require no equipment.  You just need a can-do attitude, a workout mat and a bottle of water.

How many days a week should I workout?

The BACK ON TRACK challenge includes 5 workouts per week designed to get you maximum results. We have 2 rest days, so your body gets the recovery it needs. If you’re feeling sore and need to modify your plan – then do it!  You can find more recovery and mobility routines on Pepper Hustle On Demand. Remember, this is YOUR challenge and you can customise it for you!

What can I expect in terms of results?

  • You’ll strengthen and tone your entire body
  • You’ll feel more energized
  • You’ll start your day by prioritizing YOU and your health
  • You’ll feel like your most happy, healthy and confident self

Am I too old to take part in the BACK ON TRACK challenge?

You are never too old and it’s never too late to make the changes you want to make in your life. From your 40s onwards, your hormones start going a little crazy. If you don’t eat the right food and exercise regularly, your muscles (and bone density) disintegrate faster with every passing year.  And unfortunately fat goes on easier.  This is why the older we get, the MORE important it is to take regular exercise and to consume nourishing foods.

I've tried and failed so many times. How is this different?

Pepper Hustle On Demand and all our programs have been designed to help get you started and to focus on healthy sustainable habits.  We’re not a traditional dieting, calorie counting, hours in the gym company.  Through education and support, we enable you to build a lifestyle without restrictions so you can live your happiest, healthiest and most confident life.

Is there a meal plan to follow?

Absolutely! There are 3 to choose from:

  • Regular
  • Vegetarian
  • Low FODMAP

Pairing the BACK ON TRACK workouts with these meal plans will get you the best results. You can find the meal plans in the nutrition section of the BACK ON TRACK resources.

What can I expect from the meal plan?

You’ll get simple and delicious recipes, snacks ideas, a fully laid out meal plan for each week (including weekly prep suggestions and a freezer schedule),  shopping lists and nutrition guidelines to help you succeed.

Can I customise the meal plan?

100% yes!  We’re all about flexibility.  The meal plans are just suggestions for you. Do what works for YOU, your family and your lifestyle! Feel free to swap in other recipes – As a Pepper Hustle On Demand member, you have access to over 325 delicious recipes.  Or pick one of your own favourites recipes.  You’re still “on plan” as long as you’re following the PFC Nutrition Guidelines.

Can inexperienced cooks follow this plan?

Absolutely!  If you can read, you can cook.  Our approach to nutrition is simple.  It’s got to be easy to make (no stress in the kitchen) and you’ve got to enjoy what you eat.  Pepper Hustle On Demand is loaded with gorgeous recipes that the entire family can enjoy.  We will also help you reclaim your power in the kitchen with convenient meal plans (which are fully adaptable) and shopping lists at the click of a button.

What drinks are allowed as part of the BACK ON TRACK meal plan?

Tea and coffee are fine enjoyed in moderation.  Hold the added sugar if you can.  And in terms of coffee be mindful of your selection.  There is a big difference between a black coffee versus a mocha for example.


If you can we recommend replacing fizzy drinks with sparkling water.  You can add freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice to the water along with a host of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs etc to add flavour


Alcohol is a personal choice.  We recommend you consume in moderation and stick to a glass of wine/prosecco or a spirit.  The problem is often not the alcohol but the sugary/salty snacks that accompany the alcohol.  So if a glass of wine triggers you to eat unnecessary processed snacks, cut back on alcohol to help you achieve the best results possible.

Do I have to eliminate carbohydrates?

Definitely not!  Carbohydrates are an important source of fuel.  Our meal plans have been developed to manage carbohydrates, not to eliminate them.  If we were to completely take out all carbohydrates – we would be left with an extremely restrictive diet (which we don’t and will never support) and very limited food choice (where’s the fun in that!).

Is this food plan suitable for IBS and IBD sufferers?

IBS and IBD sufferers will THRIVE in the Pepper Hustle community.  We have designed a whole series of Low FODMAP recipes just for you.  And low FODMAP has been scientifically proven to relieve symptoms of IBS, IBD and bloating.

How do I get support during the BACK ON TRACK challenge?

We offer support in many ways throughout the BACK ON TRACK challenge:

  • Weekly BACK ON TRACK email support – challenge updates/check-ins
  • Facebook group – If you struggle with motivation and need daily support/inspiration – the Facebook group is an excellent resource.  We are in there daily answering questions, cheerleading and giving direction.
  • Instagram support – tag us @thepepperhustlemethod and #PHBOT so we can keep each other accountable and inspired!
  • Email support –